Liz Goh, (pronounced go - "h" is silent) the creator/designer behind these fun tee's always had an interest in clothing. From as early as Liz can remember, she was always constructing, deconstructing, and altering pieces of clothing to create her own style or that 'one of a kind' piece.

Fast forward to post college and a psych degree. Liz decided that being confined to a windowless cubicle from 9-5pm was not her cup of tea. She wanted to do something tap into her creative feel passionate about her work. And so the company gohgirl, now planet goh was born.

The tee ideas came from illustrations she started doodling while trapped in her cubicle. Liz was inspired to use everyday shapes to create these curiously strange looking characters. They started to become very popular amongst her family and friends. So with their encouragement, more characters developed and they were brought to life on these tees.

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